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2014 Florida North Service Workshop

All are welcome!

I think many people aren’t sure they belong when they first come to Al‑Anon. I know I didn’t think I belonged, because I was no longer living with an alcoholic, and hadn’t been for years. I grew up in the family disease of alcoholism, and later married, then divorced an alcoholic. I am incredibly grateful . . .
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A letter to my Mom

I didn’t know, Mom, that you were struggling with alcohol and prescription drugs.

I didn’t know that Dad was yelling at me because he was trying to control the uncontrollable—your addictions.

I didn’t know why there was no talk at home about anything, or why there were rules that kept changing.

I didn’t know that . . .
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Emptying my ‘closet of hurts’

For eight years, I had been living a life of emotional hoarding because of alcoholism. I lived in seclusion, consumed by depression, constant worry, and panic. Unlike a hoarder who collects things, I had been collecting “hurts.”

My son’s disease was kept a secret because admitting it to others was much too painful. I was . . .
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I found the God

of my understanding

My journey in Al‑Anon began two years ago. I attended two meetings a week, got a Sponsor, and started working the Steps. I don’t think I knew just how sick I was until I had attended Al‑Anon meetings for a few months. All the mechanisms I relied on to make me feel . . .
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Alt Del Report February 2014

I Learned

What Acceptance Meant

I’ve never been an “accepter.” If something needed action (in my mind), I took action to fix it or to advise someone else how to fix it. If someone was hurting, I told them what to do to feel better. If someone was misbehaving, I let them know that what they were . . .
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The Day I Started Over

With Step One

For over five years, I had thought Step One was easy: “We admitted we were powerless over alcohol—that our lives had become unmanageable.” I certainly felt powerless, and I wasn’t managing my life very well. Then one day, in yet another attempt to help my alcoholic daughter, I had an epiphany.

On . . .
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All Aboard –

making the decision to get off the ‘crazy train’

When I first came to Al‑Anon to help me deal with my boyfriend’s drinking and drug problem, the first “gems” that I heard were to consider not monitoring his drinking, not asking about his drinking, to let his drinking be his business, and to focus on . . .
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Al-Anon got me through

a parent’s worst nightmare

Three a.m.: My eyes squeezed shut. I crave sleep, but worry, fear, and obsessive projections about what might befall my alcoholic loved ones worm their way through my thoughts. Gnawing. Gouging. Over and over, pulverizing any chance of sleep. Hospital scenes play out. DWI arrests? Accidents? Jail? Bail? Maybe worse. Death. . . .
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Al-Anon Works

No Magic Needed

When I came to Al‑Anon, it was like arriving at the Wizard of Oz world. Can this place finally grant me my wishes? That is what I prayed and hoped for; I needed all my wishes granted. The biggest one was that I be happy again. There was new sobriety in our . . .
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Powerless Over Son’s Life/Death

I was powerless over my son’s life—and death Admitting I was powerless over my son’s drinking brought a sense of calm I had not previously known. So much of my time and energy had been devoted to “saving” my son. I diligently pulled family, friends, church members, and anyone who would listen into my personal . . .
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Grateful and Thankful

Grateful for small things, thankful for all things A few years ago, for 40 days, my Sponsor and I e-mailed each other every day ten things we were grateful for. My Sponsor suggested that we had to come up with ten different things each day, no repeats! Some days it was work, but I will never forget . . .
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Healthy Way To Relate

I found a healthy way to relate to my dad I’d be glad to share what’s helped me deal with Dad’s drinking since the intervention five and a half years ago—let him live the way he wants, without my interference (as painful as that is to say). The paradox I’ve learned . . .
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The ‘good luck’ penny:

trying it Mum’s way

Mum and I did not get along. We communicated by ridiculing each other. Since she was intolerant and impatient with me, I was intolerant and impatient with her. Even so, when I moved thousands of miles away, we were always in touch, and I could count on her for a Valentine’s . . .
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Accepting a lifetime

of her husband’s drinking I came to Al‑Anon because I was sick and tired of being the only one awake at 7 p.m. The bottle washed away all our plans for travel after the kids were grown. My husband just wanted to work, drink, and sleep. I wanted more out of life.I came to Al‑Anon . . .
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