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2014 Florida North Service Workshop

WSO/Alateen Coordinator’s Conference Call Cover Letter

Greetings North Florida Area 09,

Sharing this message with you from World Service Office.  More information is being sent to all District Representatives, AISL’s and District trusted servants serving our Alateen’s.


Memo to:         Area Alateen Coordinators

From:   Mary Lou Mahlman, Associate Director of Member Services

RE:                   Postings to e-Communities

Date:              June 24, 2013

. . .
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Alateen Training and Re-Certification (Citrus County)


 Alateen Training and Re-certification Meeting

Your trainer Sharon N. (D.R.) welcomes you to a wonderful experience in service to our youths, (“The Future Of Al-Anon”.)




Where: SATURDAY, FEBURARY 2, 2013 – 10:00 AM

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Area Alateen Coordinators WSO Guideline

Area Alateen Coordinators

Alateens for Podcasts



 DATE:          May 25, 2012

TO:              Area Alateen Coordinators

FROM:         Associate Director Member Services

RE:               Alateens needed for audio podcasts!

WSO will be adding Alateen audio podcasts to our Public Outreach Web site!  We want to record a series of conversations with Alateen members . . .
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Alateen Chat Meeting

Alateen Chat Meeting is now available and open to teens (ages 13-18) that have been affected by someone else’s drinking ~this may be a friend, parent or family member.

Teens may register and access the chat room at

There is a meeting every Wednesday 7:30-8:30PM.  Please share this message with  our Alateen’s.

Ten Commandments For Alateen Sponsors

Thou shalt not play God. Thou shalt not become a parent. Thou shalt not control the meeting. Thou shalt not be discouraged if the response seems poor. Thou shalt not expect too much too soon. Thou shalt not look for gratitude. Thou shall not make a martyr of thyself. Thou shalt not feel thou . . .
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